aerosofts - Antalya X

aerosofts - Antalya X 1.03

This is the Aerosoft FSX rendering of the Antalya airport
1.03 (See all)

Antalya Airport s a rather modern and efficient airport. For good reasons as it is the main airport for the Turkish Mediterranean holiday destinations and in high season the airport has to cope with huge amounts of passengers eager to get to the hotels or eager to get home.

With 16 of the 18 million passengers being foreigners it is clear this is not a standard airport. Just go there in August and you see an airport running at maximum capacity.

The rendering of this airport in FSX is done by the internal Aerosoft modelers, and include some rather special animations, from the building sites to the big Turkish flags near the roads. In high summer you even see the dust clouds that wreak havoc on the delicate engines.

It's an add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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